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  • Keto-vegan chocolate cream/ chocolate mousse

    Super quick, easy and incredibly delicious recipe!  🍫
  • Chocolate-strawberries snack

    Dearest sweet tooth, this is probably the simplest (but therefore not less delicious) recipe from us :-) Have fun and happy snacking!
  • Energyballs with dates, nuts and FRANKY

    A delicious snack of the particularly energetic kind! Snack healthy and recharge your batteries at the same time. Yummy!
  • Chocolate Porridge

    If you want chocolate for breakfast but still want to live healthy - then you will love this porridge recipe.
  • Porridge with cinnamon and dark chocolate

    Like they say: Breakfast is the most important meal. 😋 With a delicious and healthy porridge we start the day full of energy!
  • Chocolate popcorn

    Ever tried popcorn with protein chocolate? We were curious and have tried it. Conclusion: Sensational taste 😋 Real chocoholics will love this snack. But please eat this with a spoon, because the chocolate melts quickly and otherwise you get quite sticky fingers 😊
  • Drinking Chocolate De Luxe

    There's nothing like a refreshing drinking chocolate! Perfect for a classy chocolate date with your loved ones. So delicious! 😋
  • Protein chocolate muffins

    If you ever want to give your loved ones a special surprise or shine at the next party: Then try these delicious protein muffins. 😋
  • Banana pancakes

    𝐏𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐓𝐈𝐌𝐄 🤩 Fluffy and protein-rich banana pancakes with oatmeal, FRANKY protein chocolate and blueberries 🥞🍫🫐 mmmh... if you could smell the delicious aroma 😍
  • Sweet dumplings with chocolate filling

    Sweet dumplings with chocolate filling 🍫 Mmmh so delicious! You have to try this recipe 😋

  • Banana strawberry chocolate smoothie 🍓

    OMG, do you love smoothies as much as we do 🤤 This delicious blend of chocolate, bananas, strawberries and coconut is a real treat 😍 Pleasantly creamy and so delicious. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones.

  • Banana Bread

    Banana Bread Love 🍫🍌 Mmmh that tastes delicious! Guaranteed to be a treat for the whole family 🤤 And without industrial sugar ✔︎ Healthy snacking can be this easy. 😍