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The FRANKY Story

As chocolate and fitness fans, conventional chocolates are too sweet, too unhealthy and the dark varieties are simply far too bitter for us. Even today, we find it hard to get excited about the boring 'functional knead' offered as protein bars on the shelves of supermarkets and gyms.

„That's exactly why we decided to spread the word about our cool, delicious and functional FRANKY Protein Chocolate. A protein chocolate bar in a class of it's own."

In the meantime, many thousands of sweet tooth, sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people celebrate the FRANKY protein chocolate bar alongside me and don't even want to do without it any more.“

Anna - Head of Social Media Marketing

Franky - Chief Chocolate Officer

Our Core


We are changing the snacking behaviour of many millions of people for the better.
We at FRANKY deeply believe that life is much better when we are fit, strong and sexy!

Together we gonna make it happen! Follow our journey!