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Ingredients & Nutritional Values

If you love an active lifestyle & chocolate, then you've come to the right place!


Cocoa is good for the blood vessels, our brain and has an anti-inflammatory effect. By the way, (dark) chocolate really makes you happy.

Collagen peptides and whey protein support important metabolic processes, building and stabilising processes in our body and promote bone and skin health.

Inulin has a positive effect on the intestinal flora of the colon. The low sugar content ensures a stable blood sugar level.

A constant energy supply prevents cravings, energy highs and lows. As a dietary accompaniment, our chocolate supports ketogenic metabolic activities.

Stevia, erythritol and maltitol are high-quality alternatives to cheap industrial sugars.


We refrain from using palm oil in all FRANKY bars.


Our products are first and foremost delicious! FRANKY Protein Chocolate combines the benefits of protein bars and the advantages of real chocolate with the latest nutritional facts in one product.

FRANKY eliminates the negative characteristics, such as the bitter, unpleasant taste of dark chocolate, the limp texture or artificial taste of many protein bars, or the use of too much (industrial) sugar and other questionable ingredients (e.g. gluten, antioxidants, sucralose, aspartame, humectants, glycerine, acesulfame-k).

Try it once and you'll be hooked. Just dare. It's worth it. That's a promise!

Ingredients & Nutritional Values:

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